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As freelancers with over 30 years of experience we know that current strategies for promoting and marketing yourself directly to the people that make decisions, is an expensive, time consuming and mostly ineffectual process.

As Producers & Production Managers we know that finding and contacting people, new talent and resources, researching availability and assessing appropriate skill levels has always been difficult and labour intensive. 

filmandtvnetwork.com is the audio visual industry’s professional networking and production management solution.

*GO ONLINE to FIND what you want, where and when you need them and then book them online - SIMPLE.



Save on time and running costs

Minimise the amount of time, effort and office expenses it takes to find, research, contact, book and manage new Cast, Crew, Suppliers and Services.

Drastically reduce freelance promotion and marketing costs and focus the strategy you already have in place.  Don't have your valuable and expensive online presence lost in a sea of other websites and open networks.  Use a targeted approach and concentrate your efforts in an Industry network to achieve the best results.  Work smarter not harder.

Build your professional profile

Let people find, research, contact and book you the way they need to.  Filmandtvnetwork.com gives you the tools to create a professional online presence that has all the functionality that the employer needs.  Let them know where you're from and where you'll work, when you're available and how they can contact you.  Post your bio, resume, references, equipment lists and awards.  Show them your work and your interests.  A suite of features for professional outlook.

Advanced Functionality

FIND all you need, where and when you need them in our ONE STOP SHOP, i.e. cars, cameras, locations, props, cast and crew etc.  ACCESS essential information faster. SEARCH & FIND quickly and easily.  Book what you need online without needing to wate time phoning around to see who and what's available. COORDINATE your Cast, Extras or Picture vehicles etc. by selecting their required call time on our automated booking schedule.  SEARCH, FIND and BE FOUND.  BOOK and BE BOOKED. INFORM, AND and BE INFORMED.

Discover new talent

Watch Movies Onlne.  Easily browse through our Members Channels or select a film or video to watch then access information about the filmmaker or the filming process.  Read about the cast and crew that have attached their professional profiles to that work.  Leave comments or maybe contact the cinematographer, the director, the gaffer, the designer etc.

Secure cloud platform

Inform, collaborate, update & coordinate online anywhere anytime.  Share important files and information.  Enable your team to access and contribute to your Production or Project quickly and easily.  Give them the secure information source they need and can rely on.  Be across the hall or across the world and have your office and your team with you at all times.

The future

The Internet is bringing greater flexibility but with greater expectation.  Producers, Production and Project Managers are now looking to the Internet to solve their human resource and supply and service demands.  Filmandtvnetwork.com is answering that call.  Into the future we will continue to focus on developing further functionality beyond this first release, repeatedly placing us at the forefront of the Internet business solutions for the film and television industry.

12 MONTHS FREE - Pro Upgrade

Register your interest now in creating a FREE FOR LIFE Professional Online Profile and you will recieve a NO OBLIGATION free 12 month trial of our PRO suite of online tools which includes guaranteed search results prime positioning.  

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